Flexflicks.com produces high-quality contortion DVDs and flexibility videos. We feature beautiful female gymnasts, contortionists and dancers and with extreme flexibility skills. We shoot, edit and produce videos of amazing flexible girls.

We have produced over 600 contortion videos and more than 5,000 tapes and contortion DVDs have been shipped since 1999. At Flexflicks, we ship promptly and handle all customer correspondence with top priority. We value and respect our customers as much as we appreciate the artistry and dedication of the amazing contortionists we present.

We are located near Boston MA, USA, and we have traveled to many locations to capture the talent of these extraordinary ladies… Ukraine, Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, Boston, St Louis, Canada, Germany and Spain.

We are professional videographers, not photographers. You will never see a photo session with flashing cameras while someone aims a shaky camcorder at a model. Our flexi-models pay attention to you, not a photographer. Some of them even introduce themselves and describe their skills as they perform for you. Our mission is to help answer the questions “Who is that amazing girl ? How does she do that?”

Our models range from the flexible “girl next door” to the professional contortionist. Our benders enjoy showing off their stretching techniques and performing splits, oversplits, backbends, frontbends and more.

To complement their flexible talents, we use creative lighting, angles, backgrounds, location, audio, costumes, music, and occasional special effects.
We strive to make these unique productions interesting, educational and entertaining.

Please email us if you have any questions or comments, or if you know any flexible girls who might be interested in modeling work.